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Anja and Matti Nevalainen first opened Anja’s farm for tourism as a secondary occupation in 1992. The original buildings in Laitala are the semidetached house and a traditional log cabin. The other buildings were added in the years afterwards. The raising of cattle ended in 2000, focusing the farm production mainly for crops. Crops are still in production as a second direction, currently producing grain and (vegetable oil) seed for cattle farms.The farm is located two kilometers from the Laitala complex.

Ownership of the farm and it’s focus changed in Spring 2009, when Laitala began to host the holidays for Anja and Matti’s son Pasi and his wife Henna. Before Pasi & Henna took over they had both studied and worked in Kuopio & Tampere. Henna now has a degree in Tourism Management and a Bachelor of Hospitality Management; Pasi has degrees in Auto and Work Machine Technology and Engineering. After the change of ownership, Pasi & Henna expanded the Main House plus the farm has been contractually “organic”, since 2010.
Mainostomisto Ideaomena
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